Monday, August 6, 2012

I'M LOST....

....without a camera!
This year, Colton is taking Yearbook.  He's required to take photos every week.  Only problem:  he doesn't own a camera.  So he took mine! (which is really Asher's......since my camera had a melt down and won't function properly AT ALL!!!)  Now, I have no camera with me at all times....and I feel lost.  It's a common known fact around here that I've wanted a new fancy DSLR camera for quite some time.  But now I'm starting to feel desperate!  Like, donating-my-plasma desperate.  Or painting-house-numbers-on-the-curb desperate.  (deep breath)  OK.....I'll just make do (I'm good at that!) and survive only having my camera after school and on the weekends.  For now, I'll just be proud of Colton for being diligent in his responsibilities to his class.  Here's to Colton & ACP!

 That's almost always the view in our sky!
My favorite shot of far!
And in case any of you have a little job (or know of a job) for me.....let me know! (unless it's worse than giving my plasma or painting house numbers on curbs in August....I don't want a camera that bad!)

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Jen Hakes said...

Don't forget to check Craigslist for great deals on a new (used) dslr! Look into being a secret shopper for a grocery store or something. I used to do that!