Saturday, August 4, 2012

1ST PACK MEETING it's not our 1st pack meeting, but it was Kyler's first as a new Wolf!  He's been so excited to get his Bobcat and last Tuesday was finally the night.  It was also the night that the Cub Scouts baked and decorated their own cake.  Never mind that I've taken cake decorating classes, this boy had his own vision and plans for the cake.  He took charge and was so proud of his accomplishment!  Behold, the Godzilla cake with fire pouring out of his mouth.  Way to go, Kyler!!!
 Now for a quick shout out to Thursday's dinner: Philly Cheesesteaks!  They ended up being open-faced and delicious!  Thinly sliced steak, sauted mushroom, onions and bell peppers with a provolone cheese sauce on top....
 and served with a broccoli slaw!
(Kyler opted to just eat the bun...silly little Wolf Cub!)

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