Monday, January 14, 2013


I'm always happy to find direction and make changes in my life (and my family's life).  I know that it always provides more growth and learning.  Since Colton started early morning seminary, our family scripture study has suffered.  We recently made another attempt to solve the problem and get us back on track.  Tony designated Family Scripture Study directly following dinner.  Then the holidays hit - schedules were non-existent.  And Tony started taking me out again (HOORAY!!!!) - and we weren't around for dinner every night.  We found that gathering our family to read the scriptures was not happening every day and we needed a little direction.  After another discussion, we ran into a dilemma.  There was only one time that we knew we would be able to gather everyone and be successful.  We stared at the time written on our paper and neither of us said a thing.  Finally, we gave each other the look of  resolution (or surrender....whatever you want to call it) and agreed.  5:40am.  5:40.....IN THE MORNING!  As much as I don't like that time, it's the only time that will get the job done.  We informed the kids last night....and we started this morning. (of course the Valley of the Sun is getting some really cold weather [for us!] and we woke up to temps in the 20's.)  No one wanted to leave their warm beds, but we did.  We gathered and had a prayer.  Then the four of us that were awake shared the reading.  We then said good-bye to Colton as he left for seminary with Tony and I sat there, thankful.  I'm so thankful for this gospel.  I'm so thankful for three righteous priesthood holders in my home.  I'm so thankful that we started the day off together.  I'm thankful that my boys participated.  I'm thankful to be their mom.  I'm thankful for all the opportunities to continue to change and grow in our life.  I'm thankful for scriptures.  (and I'm thankful that I can take a nap)

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Jen Hakes said...

Impresive! Way to go Stock family! Dedication pays off.