Sunday, January 6, 2013

2013 WORDS

This is my 3rd year of picking one little word.  One word that helps me focus my mind and my goals around. My 2011 word was "DO"
(Wake up and DO something more)
Last year was "ENOUGH"
(again, like my best is enough, I am enough.....not ENOUGH!)
This year.....INVEST.
I don't want to just use my time, energy and resources - I want to invest them.  Invest in my future.  Invest in my relationships.  Invest in my home.  Invest in myself.  To think a little bit more about making moments count.  By giving more to a moment in life, I'll be taking more from it as well.
Yesterday, I was already on the right path even if I didn't realize it at the moment.  I brought a cake to a friend's funeral.  I used one of my decorated bundt pans and baked up the Hershey's Perfectly Chocolate Cake.  When it came time to plate it, I discovered the plate I had all  ready was too small.  I grabbed my cake stand from the garage and placed the cake on it.  Now the cake looked too small!  I quickly thought about the blueberries I had in the fridge and placed them around the base of the cake.  After a sprinkling of powdered sugar, the cake looked "magazine ready"!  I received lots of compliments as I brought it into the church kitchen.  I was feeling good about my efforts, but it was later as I attending the service that I truly thought about what I had invested.  I thought about the grieving family.  I thought about how they are feeling about saying goodbye to a loved one.  I thought about them at the cemetery.  Then gathering at the church after all is said and done, to sit down with one another and share a meal.  I've been there. Our family was always so appreciative to all the people who made the luncheon possible.  And truthfully, store bought or homemade, it's all appreciated.  But there is something special about a homemade cake - anything made from scratch!  It's not just the taste or presentation, but your effort that shows.  Special efforts didn't go unnoticed to us.  Like our neighbor and her mother-in-law that decorated the luncheon in Mita's favorite color.  They invested their time in service.  It wasn't expected or even necessary, but it was so appreciated.  To this day it still makes me feel so blessed that they did so much to help make that difficult day special for our family.  So here's to investing in 2013.
My family has also chosen words for the New Year:
Nicole - INVEST
Asher - DO
(great word!)
Kyler - CREATE
 So here's to a great 2013!

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Heather said...

Love your words.

Thanks for sharing!