Wednesday, May 30, 2012


 I'm loving that I've been able to photograph Colton's first two dates!  (Watch out, Colton....I might be hanging around with a camera on the third date....jk.....kind of)  Here's the play by play....(above) arriving in his Mamita's PT Cruiser.  Now he's at the door, with corsage in hand.
 Presenting Emily!
 Can you just imagine what's going through their minds right now?
Emily: "Oh, your parents...with a camera....and your she crying?"
Colton: "MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
 Emily's Corsage
Colton's Boutineer
 Almost done...
 The REAL Emily and Colton!
Oh...if only you knew Colton and Emily!  They've been friends for years and years.  They've made movies together.....LOTS & LOTS & LOTS of movies. Colton's Playhouse! They've hung out with their group of friends countless hours - watching movies, playing board/card games, bigger or better, 007, teasing younger siblings and talking.  They're both the first born (WATCH OUT!), very intelligent and funny.  I knew they would have a great night!
 LOVE THIS!!!!!!
 They match!
(apparel & smiles!)
 I adore this dress!
Emily, you looked GORGEOUS!!!!!
 Colton opening her door.
 Now's the time to let them go.....I guess.
Join me next time for.....
Colton's Third Date!!!!
(hee hee hee)

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La Famille B said...

I'm excited for the third date!! Love them together and loved her dress. When did your mom get a cruiser? Looks like they had a blast.