Thursday, June 19, 2014


Our little St. Patrick's Day baby is all grown up!
 No more nail biting.
 No more toothless smile.
 We're going to miss this little boy when he goes to Canada this summer, but we couldn't be more proud of him!
 I asked him what he wanted to do for his birthday.  He said he would wake up, we would forget it was his birthday and say nothing.  He would go to work and then go out with his friends.  BOOM!  He's an adult!  (it started out like the plot of Sixteen Candles!)
 So, what's a party planning mom to do.....
 Except take him to breakfast at Liberty Market.
 He was a little preoccupied.
 That's better!
 Adult Colton has been so much fun. (insert sarcasm here)  I was trying to get senior photos taken and he kept putting me off.  Finally I said, Colton, pick an outfit and a location and let's get your photos done!
 He responded with this.....Fine, I'll be in my underwear and we can go out behind the dumpsters!!!!
(maybe it's ok that he's going to Canada for 2 years!)
 Thankfully, he didn't wear just underwear and we found a much better location - Christopher Creek.
I've loved every minute of the last 18 years and can't wait to see all the adventures he'll have as an adult. 

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La Famille B said...

Much better location than the dumpster. So happy that you made it til 18 with a great kid. He will love Canada!