Monday, June 16, 2014

SUMMER STARTS................NOW!

Kyler - Summer 2013
Even though school was out on May 28th, I'm calling today the first day of our summer break.  I mean, it couldn't start right away since I was sick......then at Stake Girls Camp.......then in Utah.  Now the travelling is done and we can get into a good routine.  (You know, until school starts on JULY 21st!!!!    YIKES, that's 5 weeks from today.  Don't tell the boys) 
Asher - Summer 2013
Last night we had a little planning meeting and discussed our projects and goals for the summer.  Kyler spoke up first and wanted us to bring back The Summer of Boys in the Kitchen.  3 boys + 3 meals in a day = Happy Mom!  Today, Kyler took breakfast, Asher will make lunch and Colton will tackle dinner.  I LOVE IT and it gives me another chance to make sure that Colton won't starve on his mission ;-) 
Colton  - Summer 2013
While the boys are busy working on their goals, I'll be busy with mine.  I'm working on 3 personal progress projects, getting Colton ready for Canada/packing up his room, learning a new skill on the computer and catching up on the blog!!! 
Here's to a great summer!
Kyler in Utah - Summer 2013

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La Famille B said...

I love the 3 meals idea. Packing up his room??? Ahhhhh!! That means he is really leaving. I hope accomplish all your goals.