Tuesday, December 2, 2014

YWIE 2014 - WEEK 7

Week 7 is Good Works, value color is yellow.  I chose Belle, from Beauty and the Beast, but didn't choose a song that Belle actually sang.  So now I present to you.....Lumiere!

(Be Our Guest)
Ma Chere Mademoiselle
It is with deepest pride and greatest pleasure
That I welcome you today
And now I invite you to relax,
pull up a chair
as I proudly present,
Your Good Works Song!
It's our quest!  It's our quest!
To put service to the test
It's our privilege to help other
We all know that we'll be blessed
Just start small and observe
Why, we've all been asked to serve
Serve your family, Help your Mother
Watch your sister, Watch your brother
We can clean, We can cook
Maybe read someone a book
Make a dinner then deliver it by 6!
Go on, pick up some groceries
Those you serve you'll appease
It's our Quest, It's our Quest! It's our Quest!
(Big Finish!)
Chore by Chore
One by One
Till you service is all done
Then you'll plop into your bed and fall asleep
Next day we'll start it again
'Cause we're strong Young Women
It's our Quest!
Don't Be Stressed!
Do Your Best!
And You'll Be Blessed!!!!!

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