Monday, September 15, 2008


When we came home from dinner, we found two notes waiting for us. Colton had written a very nice note to me (we had a conflict earlier) and Asher wrote a Roses are Red poem for me and signed his dad's name! He also had a drawing of the two of us holding hands on a boat. He told his dad that he figured he'd need some help with romance. When Asher heard what we did on our date, he just shook his head and informed Tony that he should have bought me flowers and candy. So the next day, that's what Tony did....but in true Tony style! He showed me the beautiful roses and then handed me my box of candy........."What's this?" I asked........."Candy for your anniversary, " he said..............."Then why does it say Happy Birthday?" I comment............"WHAT??!!???!!!!! HOW DID I DO THAT?????!!!!!!!?!"
That's my husband!


Emily Ferrell said...

Well atleast he tried. I love your family and you crack me up all the time. I am glad your boys have learned how to treat someone important and they are giving Tony pointers. I can't wait to see all of you soon.

Jen said...

We all need a little laugh every once in a while! So funny.

Becky and Brian said...

Very funny! It makes the memories even better!

La Familie B said...

tony is too funny. i miss you so much!