Monday, September 15, 2008


Kyler has avoided the clippers for far too long. So I got them out last Wednesday and took my underwear boy out back to cut his hair. We generally give the boys mohawks first, just for fun as we buzz their head, but Kyler didn't want to do that this time. Instead, I decided to cut the top first - Yes, the male pattern baldness cut! He was really looking like Terry Bradshaw to us - Tony and I were cracking up (yes, we have NO life when cutting our kids hair reminds us of Terry Bradshaw - AND WE THINK IT'S HILARIOUS!) Now Kyler is back to his WAY TOO CUTE status with his buzz cut!

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La Familie B said...

Nick got a buzz cut on Wednesday. I did not mean for the hair lady to give him one. He looks like a brute. it is already growing back too fast.