Thursday, January 8, 2009


Ok - there ARE places in Arizona that have snow and skiing and sledding, so maybe the more appropriate title would be SLEDDING - VALLEY OF THE SUN STYLE. We met up with 3 of my cousins and their kids (Dean pictured above) and my brother's kids to enjoy some playtime at the park. As we were getting ready to leave I saw lots of people trying to sled down the hill on cardboard. I say "trying" because it is not very effective! Lots of pushing and even pulling to get their homemade sled down the hill...not very memorable if you trying to have a fun ride......HILARIOUS if you are watching!!! As I walked along further I came across Tony and some kids truly sledding down the hill. A wonderfully, kind woman let them borrow her Summer Sled (see This red plastic sled has 7 wheels underneath it and all the kids loved it! We tried buying one, but they are sold out currently. Fortunately, we have dry, grassy hills nearly 365 days a year. When we get our hands on one, the Stock's will be found at hilly parks!
(don't know how the video got turned....sorry)


La Famille B said...

that is off the hook!
juliet and madeline

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becca said...

A summer sled? That is the best idea I ever heard! Yes, you NEED one of those.