Thursday, January 8, 2009


Just before Christmas, we took the boys to see Mita's new home. They were very impressed! Hence, the title for the blog. It was Colton and Asher's sentiments as they surveyed Mita's residence. We visited with her upstairs next to the pool table. The boys could see down to the family room with the XBox and Wii and huge TV. They also have a popcorn machine, a trampoline at ground level, a hammock, fish aquarium and candy. Oh yeah, they also have a Mita! Asher told Mita that he wished he was 94 and could live in that house. It must be really cool.....sorry, OFF THE HOOK, for a 10 year-old to want to be 94! Well Mita, if you enjoy your home half as much as Colton and Asher do, YOU WILL BE VERY HAPPY!


La Famille B said...

wow! Mita's new house is better stocked than mine!

jachakes said...

Home! Try Mansion!

becca said...

Thanks for telling us about the new "off the hook" home! We wish we could visit right now. It's sure nice of Mita to share the Wii, trampoline, and all the other fun activities.