Monday, November 1, 2010


Asher's had a big month! He turned 12, became a deacon, started passing the sacrament, became a Deputy Black Black (2 more tests and he's a 1st Dan Black Belt!!!!!). I missed Asher's first Sunday passing, but Tony assured me he looked calm and in control! I was able to see him yesterday. He does know what he's if I can just keep Kyler quiet during the sacrament, we'd be set!!!
Now, on to the Tae Kwon Do testing! Kyler was our photographer for the evening. (this kept Kyler occupied during the 3 hours.....YES, 3 HOURS!) I just put the camera on the museum setting (no noise or flash) and let him shoot.
This was Asher during his testing. Grand Master Won Ki Hong is at the table.
This is how Kyler took the photo.....this is how it will be posted!
There are maybe more shots of the spectators that night then of those testing!
Here's Kyler and Tony.
It would be lovely to say that this is how the night ended.....NOPE! This was how it must have been that 5-7 min. catnap that gave him all the energy he had for photography that night! He wasn't ready for bed when we arrived home either.....that boy has LOTS of energy!

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jachakes said...

Congrats Asher! Go, Photographer Kyler! Very Avente Garde!