Monday, November 29, 2010


This year we were blessed to have two Thanksgivings! I wanted to make a turkey for both and my first turkey went so smooth and was delicious! The second turkey....not so smooth. I had been baking and the oven was at the correct temperature when the turkey was put in the oven.....only problem........the oven got turned OFF! (yes, Tony put the turkey in the oven for me.....mmmmm....I wonder how the oven got turned off?!?) I didn't notice this fact until 1 1/2 hours had passed. After a little panic set in....we tried the TURN THE OVEN ON method and everything went well from there. (well....we ate later than we planned.....but we ate!) You would think that I would take pictures of our fantastic dinner....but I didn't. Our menu: turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, sweet potato gratin (a DELICIOUS savory dish.....again, DELICIOUS!), rolls, and sparkling grape juice. After dinner we quickly cleaned up to welcome extended family for dessert. Everyone contributes to dessert and we all talked while the kids run around. Our home was so full of people and noise.....we call that a HUGE SUCCESS. My contribution to the dessert - chocolate truffles from Costco and two chocolate pecan pies. Isn't it beautiful!
I don't know how this photo got on my camera.
Lesson: If you snap it, I will share!
It wouldn't be the holidays without a meal at Blue Adobe Grill.
Jacquelen's stacked enchiladas with red enchilada sauce!
My mom's tenderloin relleno and lobster tamale with green enchilada sauce!
My Cruz Kitchen: tenderloin relleno and smoked pork tamale, Christmas style (red and green enchilada sauce)....YUM!!!!!
Putting puzzles together is not my normal tradition....but I always want it to be! Colton and Asher helped me do this 1000 piece puzzle. It was a used puzzle from I didn't think I'd be too upset if the puzzle had a missing piece. It had 999 pieces! (i was upset) Can you find the missing piece? I still felt an accomplishment from finishing it though....I think the boys did too. (especially since they pulled out the Simpson's 1000 piece puzzle...maybe next weekend) Tony was amazed that we finished it so quick - just Sunday afternoon!
Sunday I decided to bake some rolls again......THEY WERE HUGE!
Half were made into rolls....half into cinnamon rolls. One pan of cinnamon rolls had regular glaze, one pan had maple....both were delicious! (how many times have I used that word?!?)
It was a wonderful weekend with lots of great food, family, friends, movies, games, etc. We ended the best 4 days with half naked boys wrestling in the family room! (I think it was a good transition back to reality)
Kyler loves to beat up his sweet!
Even Colton got into the mix!
Roscoe stayed out of reach, but close by.
I'm so thankful for all the craziness and love in my life!


Jen said...

Did Jacquelen put you up to this? Or was it Josette and Glen? You posted those pics of Blue Adobe to force us to buy our plane tickets and fly out asap didn't you? I knew it and I'm so hungry right now. I am going to miss so many things this Christmas. YUM!

Tabitha (From Single to Married) said...

Glad you had a great Thanksgiving (and that the turkey turned out okay even with the oven off). :)

La Famille B said...

It was so fun to see you on Thanksgiving! Why don't I ever get to go to Blue Adobe? That's right - I don't need to get hooked on another thing I can only get in CA/AZ. Your pie was delish as always. Miss you already!