Thursday, March 3, 2011


I was so proud when Kyler was released from speech therapy this past December. He has worked hard since he was nearly 3 to master speech. The only drawback to his success is that he stopped saying the cutest words/phrases! No more answering the telephone..."HeWWo!" No more "I'm KyWer....I can't say my mame very good" Fortunately he has left a couple of words to make me smile. (and I don't let anybody correct him!) The first is the fact that he lives in Arizonia! I love Arizonia....doesn't it sound like a place that would be in a fairy tale? I think it does! I want to write a story of my Prince Kyler who's castle is in Arizonia. The other is about his enemies......his MARCH-ENEMIES! (again, I threaten Colton and Asher to NOT correct him!) He has plenty of march-enemies.....mainly just girls at school!!! Speaking of school, he stopped writing Kyler on his school papers. He's not even writing Ky. He simply writes....Master Chief. The picture above was taken at breakfast this morning. Notice the medal around his neck, he received it yesterday for his participation in running club this year. Apparently you're not fully dressed for breakfast without a medal around your neck. (or without your raquetball raquet on the table!)
Our family goal is still going strong. We are at 100% of family prayer/breakfast and scriptures. Normally I make breakfast, this morning was the second morning in a row of cocoa pebbles.....NO COMPLAINTS! Today I added smoothies to the menu.....Colton complained, Asher and Kyler did not - as evidenced by the empty glass! What incentive is there to cook?!? No matter.....I challenge myself to making buttermilk pancakes tomorrow! Hopefully all the princes in the land of Arizonia will be happy!


jachakes said...

Oh, Jac-wyn. I love my Kyler!

La Famille B said...

I love the Arizonia. Nick says resternaunts for restaurants. i am glad they like cocoa pebbles and smoothies. And no, you are not dressed without a medal. Master Chief does keep things fun!

Jen Hakes said...

Your princes are so lucky to have the Queen of everything as their Mother!