Monday, March 21, 2011


Just before we started Spring Break, Asher and Kyler had student-led conferences. Kyler was SO EXCITED about them and informed me that he only wanted his dad there.....well, he said I could be there sweet! (I love his FILTHY shirt!!!!! I've introduced him to napkins before.....he just doesn't get along with them!)
He welcomed us to his class and had us sit down at his desk. Then he opened the folder on his desk and would ask us to read a paper, then he would show off his mad 1st grade skills. Kyler is nothing if not BLUNT! I loved this paper. He listed what story he would read to us and why he chose it. He chose Mary Mack and this is what he wrote, "I did it because it was the quickest story." That's our Kyler!!!
He also showed off his math skills, addition, subtraction, measuring and singing the Gallon Man song. Very entertaining!
The last item was reading a letter that Colton wrote to us.
Dear Mom and Dad,
Thank you for raising me.
I am so happy.
I hope you have a girl.
Love, Kyler
I asked him about having a girl part of the letter and he said he wanted a little sister so he could tease her and trap her like his brothers did to him. I know....too much sweetness! I just love all the adventures with all our children! Even though most of it can not be prepared for! I really like to be prepared. I like to plan and make lists and know what's going to happen. Then I had children! Now I try to just prepare for the unexpected and find patience. Case in point: The other week after a dentist appointment, I took Asher and Kyler to Costco for lunch. After they ate their hotdogs, they asked for a churro - politely I might add! As they came back to the table, I asked Asher for a bite of his churro. He tore off a piece for me. Next, I asked Kyler for a bite of his churro.....Kyler didn't skip a beat and said in a LOUD, BOLD VOICE - "I DON'T KNOW YOU! YOU'RE A STRANGER. MY NAME IS BOB." He then scooted further from me and started up again, "I DON'T KNOW YOU. YOU'RE A STRANGER. 9-1-1 (as he "dialed" on his hand and pretended to call the police) HELP ME A STRANGER IS TRYING TO GET MY CHURRO!" When he first started EVERYONE turned to help the poor little child...they quickly saw he didn't need help....his mother did! An elderly couple behind us couldn't stop laughing.....neither could I! I was completely unprepared for this response! I am prepared for NOTHING to change anytime soon!


Jen Hakes said...

Oh my gosh Nicole! I can only imagine what some people were thinking at Costco. I might have been the one who actually called 911 is I heard a child saying that. I seriously can't stop laughing right now. Can't wait to hear many more stories about Kyler in the future!

La Famille B said...

I just love it. You are always on your toes with him. Sometimes you wished speech therapy did not work quite so well.

jachakes said...

You could make bank off of Kyler stories!