Monday, March 21, 2011

NATIONAL COLTON'S DAY (or as some people know it, St. Patrick's Day) first born had ANOTHER birthday! He's 15.....and dangerously close to driving and dating! Where has the time gone? He spent his birthday morning asking when he could open his gifts. I wanted to wait for Tony to come home so we were all together.....that didn't happen! He finally got to open his card and find his prepaid receipt for a video game (it will come out 3/22) and $omething el$e wa$ in hi$ card......I wonder what?!?
I think one of the best things about your birthday is the free food at Krispie Kreme, Joe's BBQ, Joe's Farm Grill and Liberty Market! Colton enjoyed (and even shared) all the yummy meals! I love this photo of him in a tree at Joe's Farm Grill (where he ordered pepperoni pizza and a chocolate shake)
7pm - Colton's Party!
16 teens showed up
They played Just Dance on the Wii, Ping Pong, and 007.
They talked and ate.
We made cotton candy!
His friends SPOILED him!!!!!!
I LOVE this gift!
10 cans of Dr. Pepper, each can wrapped with 2 $1 bills and wrapped in red tulle!
This card went very well with their movie choice...
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures!!!
Don't you love this card....I DO!!!! It went with the Dr. Pepper gift.
Colton didn't want a Costco cake.....but he did want raspberry zingers.....
Voila! The Raspberry Zinger cake!
I think it was a very successful birthday and party!


Jen Hakes said...

I love it! Raspberry zingers cake is such a 15 year old choice. I still remember about 11 years ago when we were at Mita and Papa's house with our kiddos for Easter. They were so cute! They are getting so old!

La Famille B said...

What? No princess cake this year? How disappointing. The Dr. Pepper gift is such a cute idea. How did he get to be so old? Colton in one amazing kid - you (and Tony) have done a great job.

jachakes said...

The raspberry zinger cake is key! It sounds like it was a very successful St. Colton's day! I wish I were there!