Monday, September 26, 2011


Today was the big day.....BRACES OFF for Colton!
This weekend Kyler reminded me that we didn't have a photo of Colton and Mitch with their braces.  We took this photo yesterday (Thanks, Kyler!)  Kyler calls them Braces Brothers.
 When they called Colton back....I went with him.  Yes....I probably embarrassed him and I don't care!  I wanted to get photos of this event.  It only took a few minutes to get the braces off.  Looking good, but they still had to get the adhesive off his teeth.
 Next, they took impressions so they could get his retainers made.
 Finally, he was free!  His orthodontist gifted him with a goody bag of some of the foods he had to avoid during treatment.  Colton was happy to have it and happier to take it to school...just in time for lunch.
 Looking good!
Colton gets his retainers on Wednesday.....
and then no more orthodontist appointments.........
until Kyler!


jachakes said...

Congrats Colton! The teeth look teethific!

Jen Hakes said...


La Famille B said...

Yay! He looks terrific!