Thursday, September 29, 2011


Remember that we named our house Steve.....well, we did.  Here's a few photos from the House of Steve.  This is what I found in my bed the other night.  He loves to take his own photo and he loves for me to snap photos of him with spiky hair.  It spikes up pretty good right after his shower, then it falls as it dries.
 Spiky hair boy is moving while I'm snapping this shot.
 I don't have words for this one!
 Then yesterday I took all the boys to the dentist.  After the appointment they get tokens (if they're good) and get to "shop" for prizes.  Apparently facial hair is really cool! (I'm so glad this is temporary!!!!)
with the
What will tomorrow bring?


La Famille B said...

Love, love, love the selleck. way to rock it asher. kyler and his hair. so glad he likes to work it.

jachakes said...

Emily and I say boys are silly!