Wednesday, September 28, 2011


A few things about this crazy boy.  First, he loves to take pictures of himself.  Most of them are blurry.  I showed him what setting to set the camera at and out came a focused photo!
 Second, Kyler has only had velcro shoes until this school year and as a result doesn't know how to tie his shoes....yet!  I thought I would teach him right away...but we've been to busy getting him to do homework, read and focus on his behavior.  He now has a deadline of October 19th (the day we return to school after fall break) to be tying his own shoes.  As soon as school's out on Friday, we'll get to work!  For now, if his shoes get untied at school, he does this: LEG KNOT.  (that's what he calls it)  He wraps the lace around his leg and ties a simple knot.  He has managed to do this tight enough to keep his shoe secure and not too tight to hurt his leg.
 I'll be happy to say goodbye to the leg knots!
 Third, Kyler's taking a football skills class on Saturday mornings.  He explained to me that he didn't need this class since he has already played flag football on a team.  He even told me that during a practice he "got a home run"  I explained that it wasn't called a home run...that's in baseball.  "Oh, well....I got a goal"  Kyler, that's soccer.  "Whatever it's called....I got some points"  This is why you're going to this class!
 This was the first week.  Kyler is lined up with Jacob (from church). They are on the far right, Kyler's in white, Jacob's in red. 
 Jacob has already taught Kyler to spike the ball!
Kyler is really loving this class, much more than I even hoped for.  Now if I could just get him to tie his shoes!


Jen Hakes said...

I totally pawned that task onto Autumn. I gave them both a Jamba Juice once they proved to me that Cannon could tie his shoes. It was magic. Good luck! Got any potty training advice for me? Fun fun fun.

La Famille B said...

Love the score/goal. sadly, that would be nick and he has played sports for a year now. i made jeff teach nick to tie his shoes, but that ankle tie is very creative!