Wednesday, November 2, 2011


We continued to celebrate Asher's birthday throughout the week. (actually, the celebration isn't complete since Tony and I still need to clean Asher's room for him)  I love that Krispy Kreme always has a decorated box for Asher's birthday doughnuts.
 Would a birthday celebration be complete without IBC Rootbeer.....I think not!!!
 The Cake.
I couldn't decide on a recipe and Tony just brought a box mix and can of frosting home for me to "get it over with!"  Asher chose himself as the cake design.  (He's only been called Harry Potter since he got his first pair of glasses......8 years ago!!!)  I let him know I was happy to make this cake, but it wouldn't be decorated.  He was fine with that and I was fine with taking the detailed photo before I frosted it and it turned into a blob. (by the way: I did find a basic chocolate cake recipe that I made the next day and it was delicious.  You can find it here)
 Asher with the blob birthday cake!
 Yes.....those tall candles are sparkler candles that relight.  It's been a few years since we've used anything like that.  He wasn't expecting it at all and the relighting candles got huge laughs.  BONUS!
Now hopefully I'll clean his room today and we'll be officially done celebrating Asher's Thirteenth Birthday!!!!!  Happy Birthday, Teenager!

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La Famille B said...

Love the Asher cake. I can't believe he is 13!