Wednesday, November 16, 2011


While my mom was looking at several stores for a table, she stumbled across this child sized leather club chair with ottoman.  She bought the chair and was supposed to take it to her home....guess who is in possession of the chair now?!?  It is a gross understatement that he loves this chair.  I told him if he doesn't treat it right that it will go to Mamita's home.  He's not only careful with it, but he makes sure that everyone is careful.  He couldn't even move from the chair once it was in our family room, so he slept in it.  He also loves watching tv with the remote firmly in his grasp.  I'm sure we'll see more photos of him in this chair.
 Last week was Kyler's 2nd grade field trip to the Pioneer Village Living History Museum.  I had never heard of this museum, but it definitely interested me.  I grew up watching and reading about Laura Ingalls and her Little House on the Prairie.  I would have loved to see this place as a kid. Imagine my surprise to find out that the museum has been around since the mid-1960's AND both of my parents knew about it.  One would think that one's parents would take them to such a place if one were crazy about Little House on the Prairie.....wouldn't one?!?   Instead, one must wait until they are 41, have a 2nd grader, be willing to ride on a bus with two classes of kids and chaperone five of those children around the museum.  I had a great time despite needed lots of extra strength meds to drive out my headache that night.  Here are my 5 in front of the Victorian Home.  As soon as they walked through the home, they noticed that the woman volunteering there had put her cell phone and thirstbuster in the kitchen.  All of my kids started making comments "I didn't know their cell phones looked like that back then"  "Wow, they had Circle K's back then"  The volunteer was completely embarrassed and moved her belongings out of sight.  
 This has got to be my most favorite picture of the day.  The kids visited the school house and another volunteer gave a brief lesson on Arizona.  I started taking pictures, but it's when Kyler looked back and gave me that look that I knew I had captured it!  The embarrassment of your mom being on your field trip.  
You're welcome!
 Here's their church, which was getting all gussied up for a wedding the next day.  In fact, since the next day was 11-11-11, they had five weddings scheduled.  Doesn't this church remind you of a church on a tv show?  Maybe something from the 70's?  With a cute little girl and her family, living on a prairie perhaps?  It was a great day and I enjoyed being there with Kyler and his class.  Before we had lunch, the kids were able to watch a gun fight.  They were so excited and it was cute to hear the boys talk while they were eating about the tweeks they would like to make to the show.  They all had to do with adding ketchup, so when people were shot they could have "blood" splatter.  Appetizing lunch talk!  Now to something more appetizing...
 Introducing.....The B.E.A.S.T.
(Bacon, Egg-Salad, Avocado, Spinach and Tomato)
I had found a recipe for Egg-Salad BLT's but instead of lettuce I used spinach.  We loved them and Colton renamed the sandwich B.E.S.T.  While that was delicious, we decided to add some avocado to it and behold.....The B.E.A.S.T. was born!
You're welcome!


Jen Hakes said...

We used to go on field trips to a pioneer museum in North Phx when I was a kid. Is it the same one? The BEAST, very creative! Love that photo of Kyler giving you the stare down! Priceless!!!

La Famille B said...

OH my, I need to try the BEAST! I want to go to the pioneer museum! Yes, I can believe your parents didn't take you.

Ginger said...

The BEAST looks delicious! I also have heard of that museum, but have never been. It looks like fun.