Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I just unloaded the photos from the camera and found lots of goes!
Kyler only likes to eat the peel off of the apples.  He says he doesn't like to eat the white part by he gave it to the dog.  Kyler asked that I photograph the apple after Roscoe ate the bottom portion.  So glad our family history is now complete with the addition of this story!
 First, we have beautiful winter grass (most of america has this grass in the summer!) this year.  Tony was on top of things in getting it planted for us.  Too bad his mowing took out our glass door!
 Something hit the door near the top and it was so loud when it cracked into a big spider web.  Then it kept cracking and popping for about 20 minutes until we were left with this masterpiece.  Tony and the boys actually like the look of it.  Even so, Tony is ordering new glass and will repair it himself. (I'm sure whatever happens when he does, it will make a great blog post!)
 I thought the leg knots were bad.....Kyler's moved on to tying his shoes together.  
 Here's the latest creation....not sure what this is called.  I'm also not sure where he got these socks from!
 This was last Saturday at Costco.  Tony and the boys were up in Groom Creek helping Uncle Glen with the cabin and Kyler and I stayed behind.  We had a busy day!  First, was a Breakfast/Car Wash fundraiser at Colton and Asher's school.  Kyler and I ate breakfast while our van was getting washed.  We found out Monday that we had even won a raffle.  The prize: Vans bag, Vans folder, Van's keychain, Van's wallet, Van's sunglasses (Spicoli!) and case and a $25 gift card for a pizza restaurant!  Second, Kyler's football skills class.  He LOVES this class!!!!!  He normally doesn't have any mishaps, but Saturday he did - a football to the crotch and a very long pass hit his forehead and flew into the sky! (that second one looked pretty awesome....and he shook it off!)
 Here's my monkey at the school breakfast.  
Doesn't everyone eat bacon with whipped cream on it?!?
 Third, one of his best friends was getting baptized.  I can't believe in 5 1/2 months it will be Kyler's turn for a baptism!  Hopefully I can get him to smile!
But I won't hold my breath!


Jen Hakes said...

Oh my goodness that glass really broke to pieces! Those random expenses that are not fun to spend money on are a bummer. Kyler is quite a character. Love the whipped cream on bacon combo. Our clan eats whipped cream on everything.

La Famille B said...

So glad I got to see a picture of the door. Yikes! Love Kyler and his shoelaces. Glad he shook off the football injuries. How awesome to win the raffle. did you hide the stuff and then use it for Christmas presents?