Monday, June 18, 2012


As we were on our way to Provo to pick up Colton, our van died.  It finally started up again and I was able to get to Colton.  I saw that there was no more coolant in the reserve and filled it up.  The van seemed to work better right away and I hoped we were done with our troubles.  Nope!  I had troubles for the entire drive to Enterprise, UT.  Thankfully, we arrived safely and enjoyed just hanging out with friends.  The boys had a great time in the dirt, playing with the dogs, playing video games, riding four-wheelers and eating at Marv's!  I wish I would have taken more photos (and before the last day) since I don't have photos of everyone.  Colton, Talon and Kelton are missing in the photos, but there was no shortage of Wyatt photos! He's the baby of the family and completely adorable, mischievous and silly.  It was so fun to be around a 4 year-old again.....until I was showering one morning and had a surprise guest in the bathroom!  I wasn't aware of his ability to unlock doors in the house. 
 Kyler loved their pantry!  He was in Heaven and said it was like a "food museum".  Don't you love the sunburn....he enjoyed playing there so much and would love to move there.
 Kyndel, Maicey & Wyatt.  THANKS, girls for letting me use your room!
 Asher, Gavon & Kyler
Gavon & Asher were inseparable!  Gavon was not happy when he found out that we were leaving early Tuesday morning, especially since he found out Monday night.  I wish that I could have left Asher for a week or two.
 More of that adorable Wyatt!
 I wonder why Asher and Gavon get along so well......they treat Kyler similarly!
 Asher, Maicey & Kyndel looking at the computer.
 Good thing I didn't eat the popcorn!
We left Shawn & Sharla's home at 5am (UT time) on Tuesday and were home by noon. (yes, we still had van problems, but we made it home...the van's in the shop and should be back tomorrow)  I missed them and their family the second we left!   Hopefully we'll be able to see them this fall and hopefully Tony will be able to join us next time.  Why do vacations have to end?!?

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La Famille B said...

So glad you were able to travel safely with your car. Looks like you had a wonderful time. I agree, why do vacations have to end??!!