Thursday, June 14, 2012


 School was out on Wednesday, May 30th.  Friday, June 1st we loaded the van and headed up to Salt Lake City, UT for a much needed vacation!  We left at exactly 5am (AZ time) and pulled up to Jean-Jacques' home at 5:06pm (AZ time).  Jean-Jacques was a great host!  He took us to Sweet Tomatoes that night and the next day we all went to Temple Square.  We took our first tour of the Conference Center. (it was closed when we went 3 years ago)  I love this skylight!
 This center was MASSIVE!!!!! 
 The Conference Center is full of art!  It was so wonderful to look at the originals of so many prints I've grown up with.  They even had a hall full of Arnold Friberg originals.  I just wish Tony was wish us, he would have LOVED it!  I asked Kyler to stand in the photo so you could see how large this mural was.
 As we continued with our tour, we came to a room with a bust of all the prophets.  I loved every bit of the tour and snapped photos of all the prophets!  Here's President Monson.
 The next hall and room has a portrait of all the apostles in this dispensation.  It was cool to show the kids their great-great-great-great grandfather, Parley P. Pratt.
 The top of the Conference Center has fountains and all the different terrains of Utah.  We enjoyed every minute of this tour!
 After the tour, we went to see the temple.  Here are the boys at the East doors.
 I love this temple!
Looking out the window at the temple. 
 When Colton was 6 months, we came to Temple Square with Mita and Papa.  I sat Colton down on the grass in one of these flower beds.  He had never touched grass before and was fascinated with it.  He grabbed a hold of that grass like it was keeping him on the planet and wouldn't let go.  Where does the time go?!?  I love my boys!!!!
 Sunday we went to church and then had dinner with our cousins, Andrew & Michelle and their boys Drew and Braeden.  Drew, Asher and Kyler had a great time running around the backyard and home playing with each other.  We had such a great time they invited us back on Tuesday and Friday evenings too! (wouldn't it have been nice to actually have taken pictures with them - instead of stealing a photo from their blog?!)  We had such a great time and wish we lived closer!
  Before we knew it, we were taking Colton to EFY!  (I'll have Colton give his own update on EFY this weekend.  This is what he wrote last year.) He allowed this photo before he left the van. 
Since he wouldn't pose anymore, we took this one as we were leaving!  See you Saturday!!!!
 While Colton was busy, we decided to have some fun on our own!  We bowled a couple of games at FatCats.  The best part about that place, all attractions this summer - 99 cents!!!! 
 We went shopping...of course!  Such exciting places too.......the Dollar Tree, WalMart, Deseret Book, Distribution Center and Deseret Industries!  Our DI has a plastics aisle that is organized by color.  I love that Rainbow Tupperware aisle!  This DI had a rainbow book section.....really?  Forget knowing the author or title of a book......instead you should know what color it is?!? 
 Wednesday night we met up with some friends, Sara and her family!  We hadn't seen each other since her wedding....when Colton was 1!  We had a great dinner and then watched the kids run around for an hour.
 Stayed tuned tomorrow for Part 2.....the dinosaur park!

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