Thursday, June 21, 2012


 We came home from Utah just in time for Colton's High Adventure hike.  (Last year he and Asher went to Havasupai.)  This year Colton went to Hell's Gate.  (Asher will be going to Camp Raymond)  I was nervous to send him since he's on medicine that makes him extra sensitive to the sun, but the doctor assured me it was fine.  We hugged and kissed him and sent him on his way.  They drove up on a Wednesday afternoon and hiked in that night.  It was a difficult hike, but he did it! (I think he even enjoyed it, not sure if he's up to saying that yet.)
 I'm really proud of him and very thankful to the leaders that make these activities possible!
We were so happy to see him Saturday afternoon! (Roscoe was checking out the smells on his backpack)  The hike must have been fun.....he's still smiling!
 The shoes were so dirty they matched my brown carpet!  (yes, the shoes are going to be tossed and new ones will be purchased!)  I can't wait to see where you go for high adventure next year!

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