Wednesday, November 7, 2012


I'm writing something I'm thankful for everyday on facebook and wanted to record it on my blog too.  Here's the first week with lots of photos:
Day 1: I'm thankful for cousins!
(I quickly realized I don't have a photo with all my here are some over the years)

Day 2: I'm thankful for cousins that go to scrapbook paper warehouse sales with me!
 (Bazzill Warehouse Sale - November 2nd)
Day 3: I'm thankful for siblings!  I can't believe I'm blessed with 2 brothers and 2 sisters and I can't wait to be with ALL of them next month!!!!!
(we'll all be together for Austin's wedding!)
(2009 at Catherine's Wedding)
Day 4: I'm thankful for the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I'm thankful for repentance, forgiveness and the power of the Atonement.
(photo from our trip to Utah this last summer)
Day 5: I'm thankful that we only owe on our home!
(No other debt!!!!!!  OK, so I didn't have a photo to go with this, but it's an excuse to show off my fall trees again!)
Day 6: I'm thankful I'm a mom.  I can't imagine my life without Colton, Asher and Kyler.  I love, love, love them and I love being their mom!
 This is when the boys trapped Kyler in the hall. (we were rearranging rooms - that's why there's 1/2 of a bunk bed in the hall)  They even made a sign that they put on the blade of their sword - "Kyler the Amazing Baby"
 YES.....matching pj's!!!
Maybe I could get away with it one more time!
 Family Home Evening - putting on the whole armor of God
 Sweet Tomatoes!
One of the boys favorite places to eat!
 Kyler's 2nd birthday
 You see....what would I do without my inappropriate boys?!?
 They make this look good!
Day 7: I'm thankful for my marriage!  It's hard work, but so worth it!!!!  Tony, thanks for the past 23's to eternity!  Love you!!!!!!!!
 I have no words....just take in the 80's goodness. 
(and the fact that we were just BABIES!!!!!)
Just after Papa's funeral, we were doing karaoke in the parking lot.  I don't know what song we were doing.....but doesn't it look like "Endless Love"!
 I loved everyone at this age.....getting older, but not old enough to have their own lives yet.
But it's good they're all getting older.  One day we'll have an empty nest and it will be back to the two of us!

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Emily Ferrell said...

Your cousins are sooooo grateful for you too! And I am grateful you have cousins who enjoy crafting with you because I sure am not one of them!