Sunday, November 4, 2012


 We haven't been to the zoo in forever!  It's the 50th anniversary for our Phoenix Zoo and they've been making some changes.  I didn't even recognize the new entry, it's really looking nice.  My mom invited us to her work's Family Day at the Zoo.  We started off getting a map, which Kyler took charge of and then went straight to the stingrays.  There was no line and I thought we should take advantage of it.
(Photo by Mamita)
 Kyler loved petting them.  They even have a little newborn.  You aren't allowed to touch it though, it doesn't like to be touched.  Kyler was so excited when he saw the baby and was very respectful of it's space.  I wish he was that respectful with our dogs!
(photo by's not the baby)
Next up, the reptiles section.  They also had some buzzards and prairie dogs.  I was enjoying watching the prairie dogs until the buzzard started to open his wings....and he was facing me.  I decided to walk away and he kept turning his head to follow me.  I ducked into a little "cave" where Kyler was looking at bugs.  I told him and Mamita that a buzzard was going to get me and I had to escape.  When we came back out, the buzzard had his wings fully expanded.  He did swoop down, but not near us....thankfully......we didn't like the free-range buzzard.
We stopped at the Stone House Pavilion to enjoy lunch.  There was pulled pork and shredded bbq chicken, corn with onions and peppers, baked beans, hot dogs, hamburgers, chips and cookies.  Kyler wanted to eat a handful of cookies, he had 1 1/2.
 After our delicious lunch, we visited the komodo dragon.  He's huge!
 The orangutans - Kyler loved them so much, he bought a little orangutan in the gift shop.
(photo by Kyler)
 The elephant
(photo by Kyler)
 I think the Savanna was where Kyler became a photographer.  He loved finding the right place for his shot.  It was fun to watch him throughout the afternoon.  Later in the day, he was crouching down and framing the shot with his hands and calling for the camera!
(photo by Kyler) 
The Tiger
 (photo by Kyler)
The Lion
  (photo by Kyler)
 The Warthog
 (photo by Kyler)
 The Rhino and a little Gazelle
 (photo by Kyler)
 The Lioness
 (photo by Kyler)
 The Lion and Lioness
 (photo by Kyler) the back of the Savanna
 The Kyler
 The Kyler who was born with awesome hair.
 That's what he told us!
Love this boy!!!

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