Monday, December 31, 2012


(one of my all time favorite pictures - Kyler - age 1 1/2)
December has been very busy!  (I know, it's busy for everyone)  I started out the month sick and my poor lungs are still recovering.  When I finally had a little energy, it was time to get ready to travel to Utah for my brother's wedding.  We had so much fun (despite the short trip and 24 hours total in driving) and the boys even had their first snow!  Then the week of Christmas was busy and now I've given up being productive....and I'm loving every minute of it!!!  Everyone is enjoying their freedom from school, work and "regular duties".  
Aside from being busy, I've having issues with adding photos to my blog.  I'm still waiting on Tony to fix the problem so I can continue "keeping my journal" on here.  So enjoy the Kyler picture and what his classmates wrote about him before the school break.
Kyler is original.
Kyler - Awesome
Kyler, you are really funny.
Kyler is good at 4 square.
Kyler, you are a good friend - awesome and cool.
Kyler, you're cool.
Kyler is awesome.
You rock and you're one of my best friends.  You rock.
Kyler, I remember when you stole Brooklin's ball. 
(apparently, this one was a good memory between friends)
Kyler is funny.
Funny and awesome.
Kyler is a great friend.
Kyler is cool.
Tall, fast, smart.
Kyler is very funny.
Kyler is funny, but weird!
You're fun.
Kyler, you are funny.
Kyler is funny and awesome.
Kyler is so funny.
Kyler is strong!
(and now for my favorite)
Kyler always knows how to set the mood.
I'm not sure I want to meet the third-grader who wrote that, but it's the best!  So to sum up, Kyler's an awesome class clown!  
(would we have it any other way?!?)

Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Mulleneaux!!!
I can't wait to fix the problem with my photos and get back to blogging.  
Here's to a great 2013!

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