Friday, October 11, 2013


Since we don't have football at our school, our homecoming game is played by our soccer team.  Both Colton and Asher are on the team this year.  We were so excited for this game and happy for all the school spirit everyone has.  The Knights take the field!
After the National Anthem....
 the game began!
Colton is #21 and Asher is #22
A first for the Knights....
 And a band......
well, a kazoo band!
It was hysterical and I wish I had a video of them.  Colton came home with an orange kazoo and let me know that he was an honorary member of the band. 
Heading to the locker room.  At the half, it was 1-1.
We even had a little half time show.
 Followed by the Homecoming Court and finally the announcement of our King and Queen!
 Back to the game.....I was so happy to see Colton's sign.  The students made signs for the starting line up.  Do they know Colton or what?!?
 The second half didn't go as well and we lost.  But it was a fun game and I still laugh every time I think of that kazoo band!   Next up, TAILGATING!  Three food trucks came and the kids enjoyed dinner, entertainment and chatting with friends.  Such a great night!
Saturday night was finally the Homecoming Dance.  Colton and Asher (can you believe he's in high school!) barely stopped for a photo on their way out the door.
 Blurry....but I'm glad I have a photo ;-)
We're so proud of you Colton and Asher!!!!!

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