Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Life has been pretty busy lately that my mom had to schedule time to go shopping with me. We went on Saturday and had no clue when we set this up that it would be 88 degrees out!!!!  Not fun when you are getting in and out of the hot car!  Summer is on it's way to the Valley of the Sun.  Anyways.....I left my three monkeys and took off to enjoy the day!  
(at Tuesday Mornings)
 We went to several garage sales, then Tuesday Mornings and Garden Ridge.  I did not buy the monkey ???? (what is it.....a side table?) at Tuesday Mornings, but I did pick up a 2.5 inch square punch.  I have visions of making cards with lots of colorful pinwheels, so happy to get that punch.  The shot glasses (6) were found at Garden Ridge and the demitasse set (also 6) were picked up at a garage sale.  I really want to have a taster party.....who's in?
 I picked up this cake plate at another garage sale. 
 I love the flower design!
 I also picked up the four white bowls at that same sale.  It matches the pink bowl (from a sale a long time ago) and the very colorful bowls I picked up at Costco last week.  I'm planning on getting rid of the kiddie plastic ware in our cabinet and transitioning Kyler to real dishes all the time.  As you can imagine, he's not happy with this idea.
 There is a size difference, but it works for me.
 I really do love them!
 After shopping, we headed over to Kneaders for lunch.  I chose the Turkey Bacon Avocado on Focaccia with a tart and Mom chose the French Dip on Baguette with a slice of pie. 
Such a yummy way to finish our shopping!

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La Famille B said...

I adore the little colored bowls. Poor kyler, using grown up dishes! lol.