Wednesday, August 20, 2008


August 13th was a Tri-Ward Back to School Dance for 12 and up. Of course, Colton was NOT excited and wanted to know if he really had to go. I said he did, but I told him I WOULD NOT attend - hoping that would make him feel a little bit better about his 1st dance. I coached him on how to ask a girl to dance and answered any questions he had - then I took him to the church. I EVEN TOOK MY CAMERA!!!!! You could not believe how wrong that was! Ok, maybe you could, but I couldn't resist. I took his picture before we went in. Notice how I also (very incorrectly I might add) made him tuck his shirt in. Am I the worst mom or what!? Well, 90 minutes later I showed up and found him dancing with Veronica (shirt had been correctly UNTUCKED by then). He was quiet until we were driving off and then I heard ALL about the dance. He loved it! He danced with different girls. He danced a lot with Veronica (trust me, I heard it from the girls how he danced with Veronica too much!). Now, he's counting down the days until his 1st school dance (in October) and wishing there could be a church dance every Wednesday for mutual! It's amazing how quickly things change in life. Before the dance, I just wanted Colton to not feel too awkward and maybe dance a little bit. Now, I'm more concerned with his new "dance fever" and anything that could accompany this!

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Jen said...

Sometimes I just want to stop time. That will definately be May 1010. They need to stop getting older!