Thursday, July 23, 2009


Problem: Kyler needed a bath. Solution: He got cleaned up on his own.

I know, you must think "HE WAS REALLY DIRTY!!!" Nope! He just found a container of tablets (from Sesame Street) that change the water colors. You're only supposed to use a couple.....Kyler used 14! As if bathing in dark purple water wasn't enough, guess what he cleaned himself up with.......PUPPY SHAMPOO! I have to admit....his skin and hair were VERY, VERY smooth.

And at least he doesn't look like this after a bath: Poor Puppy!


La Famille B said...

I love Kyler! That is hilarious! Nick would have been so jealous with that purple water! What a sweet puppy.

Arizona Arnolds said...

Asher's face is priceless!

Your right, at least he is clean!