Thursday, July 30, 2009


I've been so excited to get Kyler in all-day school! Saturday I started to wonder how happy I was going to be. I didn't know if I wanted to let go of my baby yet. Surprisingly, I was fine Monday you think Tony was as fine! Not really.
Before the goodbye hug, Kyler was able to play at the main playground. (he calls the main playground the park and the Kindergarten playground the mini park) Here he is on the "cheese".
And here's the brave boy standing in his line. There were some kids crying, lots of parents crying, but not Kyler. He acted like he's done this everyday of his young life. I was concerned how this morning was going to go.....what had I worried about. As far as the classroom goes, I knew he would do well. He's spent two years in Mon.-Fri. preschool. Both of the teachers he's had have raved about how wonderful and smart he is. What a pleasure to have in class!
After picking up Kyler from school that first day, I was excited to hear all about it. He told me a little and then I went to the backpack. I love the information I find in these magical vessels. That's when I found it..........the purple slip of paper with three frowny faces at the top. WHAT!?! I've never, in nine years now of school with my kids, had a frowny face paper. Kyler had lost one stick for talking in class! He explained that he wasn't allowed to go to the mini park - but don't worry.....HE DOESN'T LIKE THE MINI PARK. So let me get this straight: First day of Kindergarten.....Kyler's in trouble.....HE DOESN'T CARE TO MISS RECESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What incentive do we have if he doesn't like recess! Can we say: WORRIED!!!!! I asked him what he liked about Kindergarten - the snack, lunch and seeing Andrew. I asked what don't you like - the mini park, THE RULES, they make you look at stuff and the mini park. WE GET IT.....YOU DON'T LIKE THE KINDERGARTEN PLAYGROUND THAT YOU CALL THE MINI PARK! I get why he doesn't like rules, but 'they make you look at stuff'! What is this? What was he forced to look at........THE TEACHER................THE BOARD.....................A BOOK!!!!!!! Everyday Kyler starts the day in Ms. Jones class with 3 sticks. If you don't follow the rules, then you will have a stick taken away - for this you miss recess. If two sticks are taken away, you will miss out on Friday Fun. You get to sit at your desk with a book. If you get three sticks taken away, you visit the PRINCIPAL and have DETENTION. (i made those words in all caps to emphasize the seriousness of this. kyler can't read and therefore doesn't get this!) I'm just going to say that we have not been to the principal's office...........yet. He has missed recess......and will be missing out on Friday Fun, before he's even participated in a Friday Fun. This is not how I thought his educational career at CTA Liberty was going to start! Now I'm off to hear Gloria Gaynor sing to me........I WILL SURVIVE!


La Famille B said...

OH NO!!!! OH NO! I have no idea what you are going to do! Oh no!

Nicole said...

That's NOT helping, Juliet!!!!! (still love you though)

Jen said...

I really hate when punishment is taking away the physical activity that all kids need to help them behave! I have serious problems with that philosophy. He is such a sweet kid. I hope he's enjoying the rest of school!