Monday, July 13, 2009


It's nearly 9:00 pm, the house is quiet - MESSY, but quiet. I drove Colton to California today to spend the week with his friend. It's hot! REALLY HOT!!! 115 degrees today - just outside though, not in our very cold air-conditioned house......THANK YOU, AIR-CONDITIONING! (not to mention the husband who loves to crank it down AND pay for it!) Kyler and Asher wanted our FHE activity to be charades tonight. Fun activity! We'll have to do it again.....then Tony took the two boys and our crazy dog outside. There was chasing....not sure if they chased the dog or the dog chased them. That's when I heard the best sounds of summer - kids and dad talking, laughing, making memories. The next best sound.......KIDS SLEEPING! What sounds of summer do you enjoy?

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