Monday, July 27, 2009


This is what 8th grade looks like! Ok, I took another photo, where I forced him to smile even, but I can't post it. It wouldn't be Colton. He's not really a sad kid.....he's a teenager - and this is what teenagers look like at 7:24 am on the first day back to school. He's really wondering why he's still in orchestra and has to be to school for zero hour. This will pass. A little sleep, get back into the routine of school and then he'll really complain. He was quite refreshing!
These are my two monkey playing in the car after we dropped off the teenager. Kyler will be at Asher's school now. They are very excited to be together!
They are so excited to be together that I don't have to bribe them to stand close for this photo. It makes me proud to see what a great big brother Asher is to Kyler. I really can't wait to get them back into the van this afternoon and hear all of their stories. They can both tell good stories!!! (specializing in Fiction.....with some Non-Fiction sprinkled in)

Here's my 5th grader. I can't believe he's this old already! Don't even get me started on how he'll be in Young Mens in less than 15 months. I really enjoy Asher right now and am not thrilled about the "teenage attitude" that seems to afflict children BEFORE they are actually teenagers. Here's hoping that Asher won't get it this year - cross your fingers!

And here's my baby! I'm glad he can't read and get mad at me for calling him my baby. I really can't believe that he's already in Kindergarten. I was concerned how he'd feel. He seemed so comfortable at school.....way too comfortable for me! He really doesn't need me. Really?! I know that's wonderful. I know I should be happy with the incredibly confident kid we have. BUT HE'S MY BABY! Even as he walked through the sea of parents saying goodbye to their kindergartener, he wasn't scared. The large crowd didn't seem to confuse him at all. (ok, maybe I was a little discombobulated by the crowd) But not Kyler! He just picked up his backpack, lunchbox and kleenex and followed the teacher into the classroom.


La Famille B said...

Colton in 8th grade is just too crazy!! I didn't think I was going to have anxiety separation from Nick until I read about Kyler going to kindergarten. How did you let him go?? I am sure he is so ready to go and learn and be at the same school as Asher. Yea to you!! Call me this week!

La Famille B said...

I don't like to make dinner either! Subway loves me!