Thursday, January 14, 2010


Colton and Asher were much older than Kyler when we finally taught them to ride a bike. I didn't want to wait that long for Kyler and thought it was about time to learn. Asher was happy to step in and teach Kyler for us.
He was very patient with his brother and even made sure that he was well protected - helmet and elbow and knee pads.

Kyler's not ready to go solo yet, but he'll get there. For me, the best part was when his dad pulled up and was able to see this moment.

My goal is for Kyler to be riding his bike (without training wheels) by his 6th birthday. I hope he agrees!


La Famille B said...

How sweet they look working together. I am sure Kyler will be riding alone in no time.

Jen said...

We are ready to teach Cannon the same thing. Only one problem, it won't stop raining long enough to practice. Good luck!