Thursday, January 14, 2010


What?!? You didn't know that Tony has provided me with a second home!!! Of course he has! I'm such a spoiled woman! I'm even get to spend a lot of time there....many times by myself! Even so, I never feel refreshed when I'm there. In fact, I'm much more relaxed when I leave my second home!!!

Here's the first view from the front window in my second home. Oh, I didn't tell you, my second home can move from location to location. It sees lots of different locations in a day, but ironically, not different from day to day!?!
I have a special feature in this home....a mirror that allows me to simultaneously look through my front and rear windows! If you look in that mirror, you'll see how many fellow moms have second homes too!

For such a busy home, it spends plenty of time going nowhere! (Man, I can't believe how dirty it is. Must be the maids day off!)

I don't mind sharing the home with my family. Everyone has their own space and it never interferes with my space. Except for the music room. Colton and I have compromised, he gets FM1 to program his stations.....

and I get FM2 for my stations. It has really cut down on the frustration for me. As soon as Colton leaves our second home, I turn the music back to FM2 and all is well. (I'm getting used to some of his music, just not the dj's. One station even has Paternity Test Tuesday......I wish I was making that up)


La Famille B said...

I love your second home! I have one from 8:10am to 11:30am especially on tuesdays. And my preset fm2 is 101.5! fm1 is 94.9-npr.

Ginger said...

This is funny!