Thursday, December 2, 2010


The Monday before Thanksgiving we had a dilemma. Colton had an orchestra concert and Kyler had the 1st Grade Thanksgiving Concert. Both of the boys wanted their dad to go with them.....(YES, I'm such a horror to be with! feeling the love!) and really....who should be punished with my presence?! Since Tony went to Kyler's concert last year, I was the one to attend this year. My friend, Renee took the photo of him and I'm so THANKFUL since I didn't bring my camera! I finally had something I could share on here about Kyler and I wasn't prepared....again, Thanks, Renee! Before the concert I asked Kyler if he was nervous. He thought that was a ridiculous question.....why would he be nervous? He said he was fine, but there was one part of the program that was going to embarrass him. I was pretty sure they didn't have to kiss I couldn't imagine what else could possibly embarrass this boy! During a Chilean song about turkeys....the children (who were wearing a belt of turkey feathers on their backside) turned and shook their feathered booties to the audience. After shaking it, Kyler looked at me and gestured "SEE.....EMBARRASSING, HUH!!!!!" Life really does baffle me at't-like-to-shut-the-door-while-in-the-bathroom-talk-about-inappropriate-things-all-the-time-son (that I can hardly blog about because I'M TOO EMBARRASSED to let the world the way, Ryan - I have a story about Kyler jumping....that's all I can say....remind me next time I see you) is really embarrassed by shaking his turkey feathered bootie in public. Did not see that one coming! I love this photo, but it did not represent Kyler's performance. Picture him yawning....and you've nailed it!!!!! He yawned throughout the ENTIRE program......and it wasn't that long! I wish I had video of reminded me of Asher performing around that age. During the song firefly (which was very slow and not his favorite) Asher yawned about a dozen times...and yes, it is on video!
Another event in November was our Young Women in Excellence program. I was not only invited....but none of the girls complained that I showed up instead of Tony....SCORE! This photo is missing a few of our girls - two that couldn't make it and one that hides from our cameras! Yes, Meghan....that's you!
Here's our dessert table! The centerpiece was put together by the wonderful Cynthia Baxter!!!!!!! I was so inspired by the centerpieces on all the tables that I took home some leftover branches and made my own very simplified centerpiece for our Thanksgiving. (no lights, birds, bow, or filler in the vase....I told you SIMPLE!) I was in charge of the refreshments. I chose lots of bite-sized desserts and water to drink. We had 3 different kinds of Cookies (Thanks, Deanna!), Cream Puffs (Thanks, Elaine), Cupcakes (Thanks, Brianna), Brownie Bites and Oreo Truffles from me. (did you notice I capitalized all the desserts....they are THAT me!) It was a great evening as always....I love the Young Women!
And finally......WELCOME TO DECEMBER!
I really wanted to have a family activity every day in December and we are at 100% so far!!!!! Last night, our whole family decorated our tree while listening to the Alvin and the Chipmunks Christmas album. I used to listen to that album when I was a kid. I would get permission to go into Mita and Papa's living room and get the red....YES, RED, disk of vinyl out of the sleeve and place it so carefully on the record player. I even fell asleep in their once while listening. After the record ended Mita and Papa were searching for me and thought I was lost. They yelled for me (I am and have always been a very, very sound sleeper) and searched everywhere.....except the closed off living room....which is where they found me a while later, snoozing and holding on to the album cover. (there is a slide of that picture they took somewhere....maybe I'll search for it one day) Anyways.....back to boys were all happy to open their advent calenders before bed. What a way to end the day....with chocolate!

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La Famille B said...

I love your commitment to something everyday! I was going to try from the 17th-26th. I am so excited to see what you do - and steal your ideas. The desserts look wonderful. Loved seeing kyler's concert picture.