Saturday, December 4, 2010


Our family activity today has been a favorite of the kids - Robison Orthodontics Snow Party! The boys LOVE attending this party every year. They have snow for the kids to play in, face painting, bounce house, in the past they've had a game truck and this year they had a rock wall. And the food....there's plenty of hot chocolate, orange juice, water bottles, muffins, brownie bites, cookies, cinnamon rolls, etc. If that wasn't enough, they even have Santa!!!! Well, the boys were so excited to attend.......until we realized a couple of things. Colton has a job! Asher had an all day competition! The only boy that could attend was am I able to count it as a family activity?!? The Stock's are in trouble if we can't since we weren't able to all five be together today! I'm counting it though. There was definitely lots of family time today.
Kyler loved throwing snowballs. This was not representative of the snowballs he was forming - I Promise! I was just making him slow down and pose for a picture where he was actually looking in my direction. The photo below shows him just after throwing a snowball.
While I was with Kyler and Colton was at work, Tony and Asher were here.
It was an all day event! It was scheduled for 8am to 5pm....but they weren't out of there until 6 pm. They had technical judging, presentation judging, a practice run, and three competitive runs. was a LONG day! Kyler and I showed up to watch their 1st competitive run.
After they would compete, they would regroup and adjust their programming. I love that Asher is able to participate in this. He really does love it.
Asher's team....The Pathfinders!
I'm really proud of Asher for all the hard work he put into this. Since August, he has spent 2 hrs every Tuesday AND every Thursday afternoon preparing for competition. It was a big commitment for this boy, but he's familiar with commitment. (He's been in Tae Kwon Do almost 3 years now and holds a Deputy Black Belt.) Now for much deserved R & R....and maybe some family time!


Emily Ferrell said...

The snow looks cold but Kyler has a huge smile on his face so he must have loved it. Great job Asher on your competition. We saw Colton working again yesterday. I really am going to stop for a hot dog one of these days.

La Famille B said...

Great job for Asher. Kyler looks like he had the best snow day. Wish I could get a hot dog from Colton.

jachakes said...

Working man Colton, Inventive Asher and snowy Kyler! What great boys!