Monday, December 13, 2010

(October 2005)
Time to play catch up! Christmas days 9 through 12 - we've watched shows! Boring, maybe? Practical - for sure!!! We're busy with homework, babysitting kids, dinner, YM/YW, sickness, etc. It seemed like watching something is all I could manage. Saturday night we went out to Serrano's with my mom (THANKS, MOM) and came home to watch Stalking Santa. Sunday we watched Sorcerer's Apprentice (my boys LOVE it! they couldn't wait to show it to their dad). Tonight, the boys are going to help Tony put up colored lights on the back patio. I've always wanted the lights here since we're always in the family room. I hope to enjoy them later tonight as we sip on hot cocoa (our hot cocoa bar is a family favorite). I am planning more hands-on activities as soon as the kids are out of school! Thursday is their last day and our Relief Society Progressive Talent Night which will make their 1st stop at our home. Friday will be the official start of our break, the official start of Tony's vacation and the official start of some FUN with the kids!


Jen said...

What a sweet picture of your handsome boys.

Emily Ferrell said...

Oh my goodness how your boys have changed. It is great to remember them as sweet little boys!