Monday, February 28, 2011


The boys elementary school has a great tradition - a Father/Daughter, Mother/Son Dance for 5th and 6th graders. I was only able to go to Colton's 5th grade dance, he had a conflict in 6th grade. Asher also had a conflict for his 5th grade year and this year was our only year to make it. Not sure of what the night would hold I made sure we took our photo in the van before walking in.
I'm glad I took that photo and was happier still when my son came around to my side of the van and opened the door for me! What a gentleman! We signed in at the door and then went to the food line. Here's our meal:
Asher had the cheese pizza and Mountain Dew.
I had the pepperoni pizza, water bottle and white chocolate chip macadamia cookie...delish.
We danced a little and then Asher was done. He ran off with friends - first out in the halls, then outside. The group came in and hit the dance floor sans moms! He isn't shy and had a great time...especially when he was dancing on stage with his friends!!!
I can't believe they'll be in Jr. High next year!!!
Here's a good view of the "dance floor". Asher did dance with me for the last dance. He even had the official dance photo taken with me earlier that night. Afterwards we went out with a few friends for frozen yogurt. It was a great evening. Kyler, watch're next!


La Famille B said...

what a great tradition. totally crazy he will be in jr high soon.

Jen Hakes said...

How fun! At least you got one dance in!

jachakes said...

Everybody Dance Now!