Thursday, December 1, 2011


I couldn't take the Thanksgiving decorations down without recording it this year.  I love Thanksgiving!  Here's our table near the front door.
 I love these blinged out pumpkins so much!
 Decorations on the hoosier in the front room.  The framed pumpkin is new this year.  It didn't turn out exactly as I imagined....but I like it.
Can you tell that it's a bronze glittered frame?
 Our fireplace....again, I LOVE these pumpkins! 
 Another bronze glitter creation.....not as happy with this one....or the product.  I do love that little pumpkin.  Real Deals was a great store for little items like that, I miss them!
 Kyler was the one that demanded we decorate.  This was his masterpiece.
 King of the Pinecone
Colton squirrel
 Sneaky little Kyler squirrel
 New Teenage Asher Squirrel
Udder Buddy
(he's always on our mantel.....because of this movie)
Favorite morning tradition for Thanksgiving and Christmas Day - 
We're so sad we won't be able to go on Christmas (it's on Sunday - we'll go on Saturday or Monday though), but we made it to Puss in Boots Thanksgiving morning.  Kyler was so upset that we wanted to see the new Muppet Movie...but we ended up seeing the Muppets on Saturday. (and yes, he LOVED it!) 

 Silly Kyler!
 After the movie, we came home to enjoy the Thanksgiving spread.  I'm so proud of my new placemats.  I saw them all over the blogs and really wanted them. My mom made them and I stamped them.  I used six different words and 3 different styles...what do you think?

 Another craft I knew I had to do, this idea came from here.  I really love mine, too bad I forgot to put them out on the kids table.  Oh well, they're ready for next year!
I love reflecting all month on what I'm grateful for and family tops the list.  Our family hosts the extended family for dessert on Thanksgiving evening.  It's lots of fun, lots of goodies and lots of noise!
(my dad sent me this plant in January when my Mita died and it's been my mission to keep it alive for at least a year {don't know why - just roll with it}'s still alive and I have a little over a month to be successful!) 
And for the finale: Kyler's Thankful Turkey. 
It was his present to us this year.
This is what he's most thankful for...

My Birthday
Bakon (bacon)
(and last, but certainly not least to Kyler....)
I am thankful for me.

Well, it's true what they say...
To know Kyler is to Love him!


Ginger said...

Fun Thanksgiving & great crafts!

Jen Hakes said...

Kyler's list is awesome! I love all of your fun Thanksgiving decor!