Tuesday, January 24, 2012


The School Science Fair.
We're happy to attend with our kids, but I would like more notice than a few hours!  Oh well.  Kyler and I drove to his school and met Tony there.  We found his class project and got a cute picture of  Ky.
 Here was the first photo.  
That's Kyler!
 This is the real reason he wanted to be at the Science Fair.
Kyler and KJ....his poor teacher!
 Now moving on to the boys FAVORITE after school event:
They begged asked if we could go to QT, today I felt generous.  Not that generous that I paid for it, the boys paid for their own goodies.  On the menu today: 1/2 price donuts (after 4pm....SCORE!) and soda for two of the boys.  Here's Colton's choice.
 And finally, Kyler.
Tonight we went for our first family trek walk.  We didn't go too far, but we'll be back on it tomorrow.  I'll explain more about the family trek we're doing soon.  Happy Tuesday!


Jen Hakes said...

Gotta love 1/2 price stuff! I would have went with Colton's choice. My sister Deb and her husband Nathan love QT. They can tell you just how to make the best soda combinations and what treats to get. I think they need to buy stock.

La Famille B said...

Oh, I loved being able to walk to QT in AZ!! I miss it. Jeff and I laugh about how we should build one on our corner! Glad you got to go to the science fair! looks neat!