Friday, January 13, 2012


Have you ever played Blockhead?  There are 20 shaped wooden pieces that you stack on top of each other.  The person who makes the creation fall is the blockhead.  We played it all the time as kids, but I didn't know anyone else that had ever heard of this game!  My mom has saved it all these years and all the grandkids love it.  Kyler loves it so much that when we came across a box at Goodwill....we had to buy it for him.  It was so worth it to see how excited he was when he opened it! 
 The box from my childhood game is a little different, but it was copywrited in 1971.  This vintage box (that's in much better shape than my mom's box) was copywrited in 1954.  Also, the game not only had all of it's pieces, but they were still pretty vibrant for being nearly 60 years old.  My guess is this game has been hiding in someone's house for years before it was donated.
 Tony and Kyler had lots of fun making the blocks look like the photo.  This game has probably been played with more at our home in the past few weeks than it ever was before!  Thank you make Kyler happy!
 Moving on to what Kyler does that makes me happy...the other night I realized the leftovers were piling up in the fridge.  A quick change to my Wednesday dinner plans and leftovers were on the menu.  I was busy that afternoon and Kyler took it upon himself to "make" dinner for me.   First, he set the "table".  I was busy with projects and our table was occupied, so Kyler set up the four tv trays and went to work.  I love how he put the spoon upside-down. 
 Next, he grabbed all the leftovers and put them on the kitchen island.  Voila, dinner is served!!!!  The gentleman even brought the grape drink to your table for you. What service!
 You'll be happy to know that the table is cleared and one more project is done here at the House of Steve.  A couple of weeks ago, Tony and I reorganized our garage.  Shelves were moved in their new places and lots of rearranging took place.  All the big moving was done, but now it's all the detail work for me.  Yesterday I finished the organizing of the two big shelves of dishes/kitchen items.  Everything's inventoried and ready to go.  So along with our fabulous dinner last night of Turkey Sloppy Joe's and Baked Sweet Potato Fries, we had a fabulous table top.  We used the red gingham dishes, paired with the blue gingham flatware and... 
 a red and blue serving set that was filled with lettuce, cucumber slices, blue cheese dressing and apple slices. Every bit of the fruit and veggies were eaten!
Can't wait to see what dishes I pull out for tonight!


Jen Hakes said...

Fabulous! I love Kyler's acts of service.

La Famille B said...

Go kyler! That games looks fun and those red dishes are adorable. Will you show pictures of your clean garage?