Monday, January 30, 2012


 Yesterday was a sick day for me.  Not fun.  Thankfully, I did get plenty of rest and my fever broke.  (I can't remember the last time I had a fever)  I'm also thankful that I seem to be doing much better today.  Even so, I plan on lounging in my pajamas, reading, napping and maybe watching a movie.  Moving on....the citrus is in full force here in the Valley of the Sun and I'm loving it!!!!  Last week we made the best Lemon-grapefruit-ade ever!!!!  So delicious.  I also wanted lemon meringue pie....really bad, but not the crust part, just the lemon meringue part.  So that's what I did.
 I adore my mini triffle bowls!
(and I was lucky enough to score 4 more of them when I was out thrifting on Saturday!)
 I was so proud of these!
 Too bad my kids didn't like them.....oh wait, that's GREAT...
Sharing is over-rated!


Jen Hakes said...

Sorry to hear you have been sick. Glad your starting to feel better. Mini trifle dishes are adorable! Fun idea. I'm so glad I brought some of my parents grapefruit home so I can pretend I'm there when I'm daydreaming with each spoonful.

Heather said...

Now I'm craving lemon meringue. Thanks. :-P