Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Conference weekend was a success!  I enjoyed all the sessions, we had yummy food and the boys had an opportunity to serve.  Saturday Morning: biscuits & gravy!  This is a favorite of Tony and the boys.  My good friend, Sharla taught me how to make this years ago.  I remember being so excited to make it for my grandpa and my papa.  They both loved it!  Grandpa even said that he hadn't had biscuits & gravy like that since his mother made it for him.  Sweet memories.
 So delicious!
 I made so much gravy that the boys had leftovers twice!
 Saturday Lunch: Lemony Pasta with Chicken & Asparagus.  I've made the pasta before, but this time we were out of our regular pasta so we used this whole wheat pasta.  It was good, but really changed the taste of the dish.  The asparagus is my favorite!  I cut it into thirds, blanch the stems for 2 min., then add the tips for 2 min.  Drain them and toss with a little olive oil, lemon zest, parmesan cheese and salt & pepper.   
 (yes, I'm loving my new camera!)
 After the Saturday sessions, Colton needed to finish a homework assignment.  Lining up an older photo and taking a photo of it in the same location.  Since Colton wanted to use my new camera, I went with him.  We found a photo of Colton, Michael & Asher working in Papa's backyard.  Michael & Asher are even wearing Papa hat's.  Colton lined it up and this is what he got.....
 ...I love it!
With his homework assignment completed, he was able to get ready for the Priesthood session.  After Tony, Colton and Asher left, Kyler and I planned out our night.  First stop, the park to play and visit with friends.  Then Kyler and I went to see Escape from Planet Earth.  It was so much fun to just have Kyler with me.  I said we were on a date, but that was too disgusting for him to hear.  He was even spoiled with popcorn and soda.  I'm so used to having teenagers that I forgot what it was like to take an 8 year old to the bathroom in the middle of the movie!  Oh well, we had such a fun night together.
Sunday we were back to conference and yummy food.  Sunday Morning: Belgian Waffles & Eggs.  Tony made breakfast and I didn't snap one photo!  Sunday Lunch:  Hamburgers on Onion Buns with Tomatoes & Avocados, Baked Beans, Chips and IBC Rootbeer.  Again, no photos.......for the rest of the day.  Tony and I were busy getting ready for the family to come at 4pm.  Tony made a double batch of Mita's donut recipe and I made one batch of the Baked Maple Bars and Broccoli Salad.  The maple bars turned out so good!!!!!  I can't wait to make them again.  As for the Mita Donuts - DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I don't know if we gave them more time for rising or what but they were so good.  The family showed up with yummy salads and great conversation.  I love chatting with cousins as we all work together to make the donuts.  The best part......we get to do this again in 6 months!

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