Monday, April 1, 2013


In my excitement to take a few photos of the boys, I forgot to put the sd card back in my camera!  I had them pose for some great photos and then realized that I didn't actually capture the photos.  They weren't happy about posing again....but I did get this one shot.
 Then the individual shots.  Asher and Kyler chose to pose with both of the dogs, Colton wanted it all about him.  Asher with his puppies.
 The dogs didn't make things easy....lots of looking the other way or eyes closed in this one.
Kyler loves his dogs too!
 Again....I love that Roscoe doesn't cooperate.  I think he's trying to figure out how to get the tie off and run away!
 Colton loves posing.....can't wait for Senior Pictures!
 After this shot, I asked him to not squint his eyes so much.
 This is what I got!
Colton being Colton.
 Ladies man!
 This is his favorite one!
 I loved our low-key Easter.  I slept in, we attended church, then dinner at my mom's.  I didn't have to make anything, clean anything, do anything.  Heaven.  
 Happy Easter!

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