Friday, April 5, 2013


I'm so excited for this weekend, it's General Conference!  You can watch any session from 1971 to 2013 here.   This gives you a little information about who watches around the world and what is taught.  
Past conference weekends.....General Conference is held the first weekend in April and October.  Every October we use this weekend to overseed our lawn.  Silly brothers seeding the lawn!
 Yummy food and snacks are a conference staple.  
 We miss Mita.  This was her conference watching mode.
 Why did he have to grow up?!?  So cute, coloring the ties of the general authorities.
 Taking notes....or drawing - at least they're quiet.
Mita, Kyler, Jacquelen & Jean-Jacques
Mita snoozing, Kyler & Jacquelen
Tony taking Colton to attend the Priesthood session for the first time.
 Yummy, spiced pear bread!
 Austin visits from UT and attends Asher's first priesthood session!
 Last conference - October 2012.  
We brought back the donuts!!!!!  
And everyone loved them!
 So good!
 I plan on enjoying every session this weekend.  After the Sunday afternoon session, we'll host our family for salads & donuts.  So excited!

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Emily Ferrell said...

I'm so excited for doughnuts too! This time I don't have to leave early so that means I can eat more than 1 doughnut. I can taste them already.