Friday, April 18, 2008

From Sunbeam to Deacon

It seems like it took forever for Colton to be a Sunbeam (felt even longer to get to nursery!) Now, he's a deacon! This Easter, our St. Patrick's Day baby was ordained a deacon and passed the sacrament for the first time. He didn't even seem too nervous! We are so proud of him and his choices. He has loved the transition to Young Men's - on Sunday and the Wednesday activities. Tony was very proud to take him to the Priesthood session of conference. (Tony was so cute and was the one to suggest a photo before they left) A couple of days ago we received Colton's acceptance letter in the mail for a jr. high/high school we wanted him to go to. We are very happy and proud of Colton (and mom's sooooooo relieved that the school search is done - for now) 7th grade, here we come!


La Familie B said...

Congrats Colton!

Jen said...

O.k. so this can't be the kid in the Stock pot! It's impossible, I can't stand it, we are getting too old! AHHHHHHH! Lookin' good in the white shirt and tie though!

Emily Ferrell said...

Way to go Colton! I am so glad the stress of finding him a school is over.